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I work at a university that is using the Canvas LMS. The current instance of Canvas uses cloud hosting via Instructure themselves (AWS, I reckon). Since we are using this solution, the url to our instance is something along the lines of <universityname> This has proven to be a bit confusing for students since they are used to accessing university related content on url:s such as <universityname>.com/cool-endpoint.

Is there any way to make a cloud hosted version of Canvas into a subdomain of the university in some more or less virtual way or is self-hosting the only solution?

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Hi Peter

We have Canvas as a hosted version (indeed it's on AWS), and it's accessed via a url that we've defined ourselves. It's been a couple of years now, but I believe you can arrange for this via your CSM.

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Hi Peter,

csm =  customer success manager‌

Just like Adam we have a custom URL that our students use to access our instance of Canvas. The custom URL is called a vanity URL and does have cost associated with it, but if you contact your csm they can provide you with more information about getting a vanity URL setup for you institution. 

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Thanks for the reply  @bneporadny ‌! (and thanks to  @a_craik ‌ as well :smileygrin:)
Gonna send an inquiry to our CSM right away and see what we can work out!

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