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I've come across a couple of institutions (both higher ed) that are using a crosslisting assistant to help their professors easily crosslist their courses.  I am an admin in a K-12 district, and have limited programming or coding experience (although I'm getting better with every task or request that comes my way!), but this would be HUGE for our upcoming school year.  Anyone have any insight into what they are using?  Or has anyone created something similar that they are willing to share?  


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Howdy! Well, I guess it's time to share this out with everyone. We are using this script I wrote this school year with our teachers. I taught myself Javascript as well as the Canvas API in order to save everyone the pain and strife of crosslisting.

This is a robust script in which the instructor's current term courses are loaded in a dropdown menu to choose the parent course. Then the remaining courses are dynamically created and are selectable to be child courses. Finally, the instructor can rename the parent course and submit to finalize the crosslisting and renaming actions. The instructor can also choose to crosslist without renaming and rename without crosslisting. On the subaccount page, it also adds the ability for admins to search for a user and then perform the same tasks as an instructor as well as decrosslist a course.

Instructor and Admin Crosslisting Tools

If you want to test, use Tamper Monkey in Chrome or other userscript extension.

If you want to deploy to all staff, copy the script into the custom Javascript folder.

I welcome those with better programming chops to help me improve the script. If you have any questions about what any part of the script does (my documentation isn't all done yet!) please let me know and I'll be more than happy to help. Otherwise, let me know what you think and what other features you may want to see implemented!

I have to give a shout out to James Jones for the inspiration and using his Rubric Importer script to dismantle to figure out how this whole scripting thing works.




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