Deleting and restoring enrollments via API

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I think I've figured out a few things (through testing) about deleting and restoring enrollments, but it'd be great if anyone could confirm this has proven true for them:

  • If a student needs to change course sections in the same course, it's important to delete the original enrollment (not conclude it) or else they will continue to receive notifications for the original section (e.g., announcements).
  • There is no specific API call for undeleting an enrollment.
  • If you re-enroll the same user in the same course section (use the call to create an enrollment), the new enrollment will 1. have the same enrollment id as the original enrollment and 2. restore the submissions/activity for that user. (Any insights on that last point in particular would be appreciated; I did see an assignment with grade and feedback restore, but not much time had passed and I didn't test other features like discussion boards or stats).
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