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Get Instructor Analytics(page_views and participations) via API


Is there an API to get analytics for Instructor?

I tried this api with InstructorId,

GET /api/v1/courses/:course_id/analytics/users/:student_id/activity

but that did not work, it gives

The specified resource does not exist.


Whereas for the same course, if I try to pass in a StudentId, then that data is available

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We have already built a commercial analytics solution called Instructor Insight.  See attachment below and we have a video on our partner page:  Partner Listing: AspirEDU, Inc. 

Instructor Insight.jpg




Thank you! But I need the data via API, is it possible?

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This is the current analytics API: but as you have found it does not include instructors in a course-level call.

You can also trigger Reports via the API:, and download them. Personally I built some code to get the report ID and wait for it to complete.

If you look at that screenshot above, you can see how you might use various API calls to get that info, e.g. the enrollments API is pretty full-featured:

Not sure if you could build something using graphql -

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Thanks everyone for your responses


We decided to go with:


List course change events for a given course.



Return a paginated list of the user's page view history in json format, similar to the available CSV download. Page views are returned in descending order, newest to oldest.