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I need to edit text on a global page, how do I do that?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I do need help and developers might know.

When students view their grades my organisation want them to see a message that says 'These grades are provisional and subject to ratification by the Board.'  In the UK we tend to say everything is provisional until confirmed, so it's quite standard practice.

Ideally, I would like this to appear on the page as indicated in the picture attached.

Can anyone help me do this, please?


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The good news is you can do this with custom global JavaScript. Unfortunately, I have to go to class and don't have time to explain more right now.

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Hi carmen.windsor‌,

As  @James ‌ mentioned, this is possible with JavaScript.

Here is a quick snippet that will do the trick:

$( '#assignments' ).prepend('<br /><p>These grades are provisional and subject to ratification by the Board.</p>');

You should probably also include some URL validation so it only appears on the Grades page, as I imagine that the ID 'assignments' isn't unique to the page thus will add the text on other pages where it isn't desired.


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Thanks for this akkaufmann‌.