Item limit on "Add to Module" dialog box and solutions?

Community Coach
Community Coach
It was brought to my attention that when you go to add items to a module, the list that shows up when you choose what type of item is actually capped at a particular amount. When I replicated the issue, I saw that the quiz did exist in the Quizzes page, but wouldn't show up in the list of items you can add from the + symbol in a module.
This is the area I'm referring to:
So here are the questions that I have:
  1. What is the cap on the number of items that get listed when you add things to a module? (Suspect that this is 100 due to API pagination)
  2. Can we increase the cap somehow? (either through maybe a custom JS hack or similar?)
  3. Is there any way we can add a "add to module" menu item on the Assignments/Quizzes/Pages pages where you can add items to a module from there instead of having to go to the Modules page & click on the + sign? (also potentially a JS hack?)
Thanks for any insight!
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