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Is there any documentation about using LTI 1.3 / LTI Advantage with Canvas? There's a feature option to turn it on in our beta environment but beyond that it's not clear how to get started.

lti 1.3 #lti advantage

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This covers configuration at the Canvas end, but it doesn't help with configuration at the tool end.

For example, where do we find Canvas documentation that has things like the JWK set URL?  People have managed to find or guess some of these, but where are they officially specified?

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For now until we find a good home for developer focused documentation, please refer to this document.

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Thanks!  That's what we needed.

Why cannot the basics go under External Tools at Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

All we really need to get started is the JWK URL (, the authorize endpoint ( and to know that to call services we use OAuth2 as per the Canvas REST API.

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