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Microsoft's QnA Maker = Canvas FAQ ai

This morning I found Microsoft's QnA Maker

Highly recommend it. And as the test ai is embedded in an iFrame - you can drop it straight into Canvas.

Simply prepend the iframe `#webChatControl src` with `` and it's good to go...

It's free and you could do some REALLY creative things with this as a student activity (i.e they make their own class revision bot)

canvas-qnamaker - YouTube 


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This is cool. I played with it for a while. I realized it's pretty picky about the formatting, so pointing it at URL's or PDF's wasn't very successful. I really had to create my own .tsv and then do some work inside the editor. I was able to get a decent working KB based off Priority: Quizzes.Next‌. I think I will probably use it as a base for future KB's. It even allowed me to figure out how to do some formatting and hyperlinks.

I got the iframe working as well (although it took me a while to find that src. 

One thing I haven't got yet, and that's keeping the chat window scrolled all the way down to the bottom on new output from the bot. I have to manually scroll down and even then it seems to be cropping off the bottom line.  [Edit: link removed as iframing doesn't seem to be the way| 

Ok, technically the link above goes to where I tried it as just an External URL module item. Here's where I'm trying it on a page: [Edit: link removed as iframing doesn't seem to be the way|. 

Looks like you might be having the same issue with the scrolling and last output in re-watching your YouTube video. Here's another question for you though; How did you pull off the "Would you like..." : "yes" interaction? Was that just a QnA hack or is there some intelligence I'm missing?

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awilliams I looked at your page and said hi (without the quotes). Nothing happened other than hi showed up on the right side, but it didn't want to talk to me.

Did you notice the content security policy violation that pops up in the browser's console when you try this? Not sure if that's an issue or not, but it was followed by a "Failed to get questions for labelling" message. does seem to have stopped working...

Oh, no, it's just incognito.

Nope, looks like they really don't want you to share it that way. But there's other options mentioned here...  

Yeah, QnAmaker really want you to use their API.

The ID in the iframe is user specific so you get the "Failed to get questions for labelling" error.

But!!! As a prototype/demo - it certainly sparks interest and shows folks what can is possible. The interface to train the tool is also quite user friendly too.

Looking forward to seeing if anyone picks up and runs with this tool...

I have some friends in corporate trying to get it up and running for their 20,000 pax company. I'll keep you all posted on their progress.

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Anyone has tried something more customizable with AI and chat bots in Canvas? like the Azure Bot Service from Microsoft Azure , AWS machine learning tools or IBM watson integration to build "intelligent" tutor in Canvas?