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We appreciate the option that Canvas allows for users to create multiple channels to be notified within the system.  However, we are seeing the same issues described in , where LTI links to external services make use of the default email address to create accounts, and users changing their default email from the official school email is causing problems with with those external services.

From the previously mentioned discussion, it appears that the way to prevent this is to add Javascript to the theme to hide the option for changing the default email address.  (We already have the "Users can delete their institution-assigned email address" setting un-checked...)

However, my JS coding isn't great, and I haven't been able to figure out the JS needed to make this work.  Has anyone else got some code that will do it?


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Hi Michael,

The way I have been able to do this for my schools is to add the following lines to our custom css file. 

.email_meta {
display: none;

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