Problems importing students after cross listing courses

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Hi everyone! I hope this thread finds you well.

We have an Integrations Specialist who created a bridge that allows us to import student and faculty enrollments (and more) into Canvas from Banner 9. We use this instead of csv file uploads because it theoretically keeps our data accurate via a live data trigger. In the bridge we include all the must have information, course_name, SIS_ID etc. However, we do not assign section IDs in the upload as our courses are technically sections anyway. But the omission causes problems for us after we cross-list two or more courses. 

As you know, Canvas assigns it's own course and section ids for every course and section that is imported. And when a cross-listing is performed, the child course is assigned the parent course's Canvas id, abandoning its original Canvas id.  Our institution sis_id remains. Since we do not include our own sis_id for the section, any updates (late adds and drops in particular) are not uploaded into the original section, but rather a new section is created and therefore the expected subsequent cross-listing is not completed. All enrollment updates to the cross-listed child courses, must be done manually. One solution might be to simply include section sis_ids in the upload as well as course sis_ids. I hope this is making sense. 

My question (or two, or three.... )

  1. Is anyone else uploading data via live triggers, not scheduled csv? 
  2. If so, are you having issues with keeping the cross-listed courses/sections up to date?
  3. Are there any discussions in the Canvas community that can confirm and validate this situation? 
  4. Are there any recommendations you can make to help solve this issue?

I'm hoping that there are others who can chime in who have come across this situation. I'm looking for help in finding documentation so that we can justify an upgrade to the programming of the live trigger bridge we created. Any help is appreciated.