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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the way to get student's quiz score through an API call using student's ID?

It looks like there is a way to get the students who answered certain questions correctly for a specific quiz, but I'm having trouble finding the right API function to get specific student's quiz score.

Thank you in advance

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Not exactly, but yes. I haven't done it, but I've done everything that should be needed to do it.

One way, not recommended, would be to go into each assessment and download the student analysis to get the results. Then you write a program that matches questions based off the text of the question because the ID in the front will be different. I have found the student analysis to not be helpful for certain types of quiz questions, but you may be lucky.

A step up would be to use a program to obtain this information. You first need some way of identifying the common assessment. This could be as simple as is to go into each course and make a note of the assignment ID; a better way would be if you used a common name that you could match off of.

For the item analysis, you can obtain the student answers by using include[]=submission_history. This gives you the student responses for all attempts, but there is overhead associated with decoding it. It mostly contains the ID of the student response, you may need to find the actual responses somewhere else.

Here are some threads with additional information. I don't know that I've seen it written it all up in one place.

The last one was written before I discovered the include[]=submission_history trick.

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