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Trying to use LTI 1.3 NRPS on canvas test environment, but get token error


We're planning to enable Names and Roles Provisioning Service on our LTI1.3. tool, but were not be able to obtain an auth access token from beta or test environment to retrieve the user enrollments from the course on the claim (attached error).  We could obtain auth access token to retrieve enrollments in canvas production environment.  Is some extra setting or configuration need to use NRPS on canvas test environment?   Any ideas?


RuilingScreen Shot 2021-08-19 at 11.03.40 AM.png

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If you have blocked students from accessing the beta/test instances (think this is the default) then the Names and Roles Provisioning Service (NRPS) doesn't work.

Could this be what's causing your problems?

It would be really good if Instructure could fix this so that you can use NRPS without enabling student access to beta/test.