Use XML to remove a global course navigation menu item.

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We are looking into adding Microsoft Teams classes to our environment. By default and not configurable this adds itself to EVERY singe course in Canvas. I believe I can use XML to make this disabled in each course menu navigation which would them require teachers to enable it if they wanted to use it. 

I found this XML tool that could be used to do this for us:

However, I am unsure how to find the LTI Launch URL? 

Would anyone be able to lend some assistance here? 



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No problem, I've just documented this for our team internally so making a post here was easy.

Ok, curl ( ) is a command line utility that allows you to execute API requests against Canvas. The reason I suggested it is that lots of examples in the Canvas API documentation use it.

If you haven't done anything with curl before this may not be the best approach and you might want to use a tool list Postman ( ) to send the API request to Canvas, but that has a steep learning curve too.

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