Account level calendar (and sub-account level calendar)

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Account level and sub-account level calendar use cases:

  1. Holiday dates
  2. Open days
  3. Special events
  4. Competitions

All users within that account or sub-account would see these calendar events.

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This would also be beneficial for our institution. Right now instructors are putting important academic dates (such as "Labor Day" or "Start of Semester") on their calendars and it is being listed multiple times on the students' calendars. Allowing us to maintain a root level (and also sub account level calendar for important college level events and deadlines) calendar would benefit our entire university. 

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I'd say you feel as strongly about this YES as I do!  lol

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Community Team

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Yes please! This would be a fantastic addition!

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We have found that at the institution level they only option is to flood the login page with announcements or use another system, rather than Canvas to inform students and faculty of major events or reminders.  Please bump this up in votes, as most everyone would benefit from a system calendar that could be controlled by the administrator(s).  Thanks!!!

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Our teachers announce their assessments to students in Canvas. At the moment, we also have to create a calendar entry in Google Calendar so the teachers can make sure students do not end up with 8 assessments on the same day.


It would be great if the admin could create a calendar that displays all entries from a given assignment group from across the school. That way, the administrators and the teachers could all see what assessments have been scheduled by other teachers, avoiding overloading the students.

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Calendar sync would be very very very helpful!

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This addition would be valuable to our institution.

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Just was looking through some of the ideas with recent activity and saw this one thanks to  @sfielder  comment.  This really should happen, as there are institutions with multiple colleges operating as subaccounts within a shared Canvas instance.  The ability for each college to post calendar events relevant to their college without having to spam announcements or emails to students would be a welcome change.