Add time option to bulk assignment due date changer

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

The bulk due date changer released 4/18/20 is wonderful, but doesn't include the option to set a due time. Let's vote up the idea to add time to the bulk due date changer!

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No way to set time.  Still need to go into each individual assignment to adjust the time.

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Yes,  it's weird to not have that option, since it means you still have to go in manually and edit each one, negating the "bulk" aspect of editing.

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PLEASE: can the batch function be updated to allow updating default due times(11:59:59 pm) for individual assignments for an entire semester (10:30:00 am). PLEASE.

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Agree! Assignments need to be done before the actual class or the homework is pedagogically useless. Since the default time is 11:59 PM, we have to have an option to change it when bulk editing or bulk editing is useless for face-to-face classes. 

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Being able to bulk change the due dates without updating the times is useless.  Each semester, my class times change, therefore, I need to change due dates AND due times.  Since I can't change due time, I still have to go into each assignment, one by one and change the time. 

Canvas, PLEASE create an upgrade that allows us to bulk change due dates AND due times!  

Thank you!

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Completely agree with everyone here. The ability to bulk change times is absolutely required to make the bulk edit of due dates useful as a feature in Canvas.

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How is this not an option yet? It is common sense. When copying a course from one semester to the next, I don't necessarily teach it at the same time of day... so this feature is useless right now. 

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This feature would be very helpful for instructors like myself who teach hybrid and face-to-face classes! Canvas team, please add a time edit feature. We appreciate what you do and are looking forward to your updates in the future. 

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This is over due!

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Agreed!  Please add a time option to the bulk assignment due date changer.  This would be an immense help to our organization.  Thank you!