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I was asked to post this as a 'Feature Request' by a Canvas Technical Support Engineer, so here it goes:


... The Admin level (account level) report for Grade Export uses a Filter that is Term-based (by default).  That is excellent when one does not use "Multiple Grading Periods" (most colleges), but very difficult and mostly not useful if one does (high schools and lower).  The trouble is due to it not allowing the report to capture the grading window (grading period).  It would need an expanded filter to allow a selection of the grading period.  At our High School we have setup Multiple Grading Periods at the Account Level (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4), so all Teachers inherit the default grading periods and single grading scheme.  The solution would be a multi-value lookup pair for the report dropdown (allowing me to choose the Term, then the Grading period).


The benefit to folks who support the LMS would be an export with assignments based on the date ranges of the Grading Period (If I chose Q2, I get Q2, not the whole Term, etc...).  Aside from the Organizational Data by Grading Period benefit, we would also be able to get Grading Period Level Totals by Class/Quarter for an SMS import  (using Secondary SIS ID and Total Points columns from the export).


Please consider this, it is a NATURAL next step Report Feature for your Multiple Grading Periods

Thank you



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The first phase of Multiple Grading Periods reports have now been released to productionCanvas Production Release Notes (2015-11-21)

A second phase of reports was released to production Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-08-06)

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Teachers need the ability to print grades by quarters, semesters or full year.

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This feature is something that is desperately needed by our institution to make Multiple Grading Periods effective. Essentially it woule great to allow grading period with overlap and then allow teachers to choose when they create the assignment what grading periods they would like to apply the assignment to. Then when grades are posted to SIS or exported, they could also have the option to select what grading period they would like to post.

For example we have progress periods, quarter and semesters for our courses. An assignment posted during progress one needs to be included int the progress 1, quarter 1 and semester grade, but the assignment created after the progress date only need to apply to quarter 1 and semester. Then when they post grades to SIS, they can choose which of those grading periods they want to post.

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This is a serious flaw in the new and much touted Multiple Grading Periods. What good does it do to have multiple grading periods if you cannot report grades by grading period.

We have to export our grades to enter them in our report card system. As things are, when we move to the second quarter (October 24), we will no longer be able to export accurate grades. The grade average in each course will become a combination of first and second quarters, and so on for the whole year.

Our only option now is to create 4 separate courses (one for each quarter) for each course. This is ridiculous and should have been tested and fixed before Multiple Grading Periods was rolled out.

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This idea is now open for voting!

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Absolutely necessary!!!

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I truly value the team effort made with this feature request from sysadmins to teachers to developers at Instructure.  Thank you, everyone, for working so hard to correct this issue.

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This is such a serious flaw that it should not depend on enough votes--only those of us who have the time to wade through these Canvas threads will bother to vote.  The rest of my colleagues who have lives will just abandon the Canvas gradebook entirely.  Most of them already have.

First, the devestating flaw with multiple section courses not being able to use terms must be fixed.  That thread is explained here:  How do you use Canvas to get quarter grades?

Second, as this thread points out, terms must be allowed to overlap.  One should be able to filter for Quarter One Grades (ex:  August 15- October 8), Second Quarter grades (ex: October 8-December 21), first semester grades (August 15-December 21).  Then, we should be able to repeat the process for second semester.  Right now (if we don't have multiple section courses with the flaw above) we can create the quarters, but we cannot see any combined grade but the total grade for the whole year.  This will be especially problematic in second semester when we only want to see Quarter 3, 4, and ONLY the combined Semester 2 grades.  This is a function of all electronic gradebooks I have ever seen, and it is so obvious and critical that it should not wait for "votes."

Third, many teachers and schools weight the grading periods and also have a final exam for each semester with a weight. So, the grading periods need to have that option too.  Quarter one:  40%, Quarter two: 40%, Final Exam: 20%.

We have just begun using Canvas this year, and we've worked hard to get out teachers excited about it's positive features, but gaps like this that are so logical and commonly used in a K-12 environment set back faculty buy in to the system considerably.

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I guess I just don't understand how all of these natural steps are overlooked.  It's frustrating that we now can do qtr grades (after the bug fix) but can't export them.  I'd like an update from Canvas on this, and agree with you Nathaniel, that this shouldn't just be a feature based on "popularity."  Anyone who lives in the k12 environment can attest to necessity of this

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I have to agree with Jim. Huge oversight. You guys can do better.

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The hoops we have to jump through with multiple grading periods, in general, are insane.