[Admin Tools] Admins need "clear user's cache"

The Canvas support team has a link on a users profile that "clears the user's cache".


So far this has fixed issues when the items don't display on the course navigation or courses do not display in the Inbox to message.  Recently we had several teachers who could not view the PEOPLE item in the course navigation and they could not view courses in the InBox when trying to send a message. We suspect several user issues can be resolved if we have access to this cache clearing tool. 


We requested to have access to this magic tool as it clears the users Canvas cache which often is an issue.  Let's vote it up that admins have access to it. I entered a ticket for our admin to have it but it was denied. 


Support has a link on the profile as indicated below. 



Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

S9300807‌, fyi, the link reads Clear User Cache.

322154_clear user cache link.png

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Thanks - I can't see it so we were guessing. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

This would help SOOOOO much! A massive issue with images... 

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Why wouldn't this option be available to Canvas admins? Considering we do internal support for our students (our institution only pays for tier 1 support for faculty), having the ability to do this is paramount to providing quick support.

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I just got off the phone with Support, they mentioned that I should have this button. I am not sure if that was a slip, or if that is a note of things to come.

Please Canvas, I beg of you, give us (admins) this one thing.

Community Coach
Community Coach

This could be very useful. 

I do wonder how often support uses that functionality and what other items it might impact.

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It would also be helpful if this could be done programmatically via the API.  Recently the user cache settings have resulted in receiving stale data from some Canvas API endpoints.  If developers could clear the cache before making specific calls, that would ensure that our locally developed apps were using accurate real-time data instead of stale data.

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I am also needing and missing this button.  Please enable it!

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It's 2021 and I had some issues with needing to clear users cache. It took several weeks for Instructure to resolve it with just a simple button.  I could've done it. Please, if this is an easy fix, which it seems to be, give admins the ability to do this!

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I'll second adding an API call for it as well.