[Announcements] Bulk Editing Options

Currently on the announcement page of a course if an instructor wants to bulk delete announcements they must check the box next to each announcement before they can click delete button. Additionally, an instructor must edit each announcement one by one to change the delay date. This is tedious process and a waste of instructors' time. 


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 When you create a copy of your course from a previous version, you have to edit each and every announcement manually. Extension of Bulk announcement management beyond  delete and lock/unlock is a must.

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When copying a course to the next year I want to keep announcements but postpone them so I can reuse them throughout the year. As it is I have to open each one and add a postpone option :(. Please add the option to delay (or unpublish) in bulk.

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It would be great to add a feature where you can delete announcements all at once.  I have 180 announcements (1 for each day) that need to be deleted.

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I support this as well!

And: when importing a course, add the option "import everything except announcements".

I'm not sure how you use announcements, but for me, they are for that class and that time only. They often contain time-sensitive reminders, and/or assignment feedback.

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One way is to use the Javascript console and type the following line. It will select all visible checkboxes and you can them delete them all at once:

document.querySelectorAll("input").forEach(e => e.click())

You can also create a bookmark with a slight modification:

javascript:document.querySelectorAll("input").forEach(e => e.click())

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Please....give us one of these options. Seems like such a simple fix. I see posts asking for this dating back to 2016.

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I support the idea to have a bulk management screen for Announcements.  We just upgraded and there are hundreds of announcements that are no longer needed.

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I'd like to see a batch edit feature on scheduled announcements.

Ideally, there would be one central hub for date editing—similar to the current assignments editing, but with an option to batch edit all dates (assignments, scheduled announcements, and quizzes) in one place. 

Like many other professors, I have weekly announcements set up in my template course shell that goes over what they need to do each week. I have these set up to automatically post on the Sunday of each week of the class. Right now, every single semester, I have to go into each of my classes and open every single individual announcement to change the announcement post dates. This is not only time-consuming, but it's also opening up more opportunities for user errors and mistakes. 

Since the majority of folks are running the same classes semester after semester, treating the entire course as something that needs to be updated date-wise every semester, instead of just segments of it, would really streamline this software and our jobs. 

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When I copy a course, all of the announcements are copied too. When I want to delete all of the announcements at once, it doesn't offer me that option. Deleting each announcement one at a time is time consuming.

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