[Announcements] Publish and Unpublish Announcements

I love that Canvas can bring over announcements when I copy content from another Canvas course. This keeps me from copying and pasting announcements I make every semester.  To further develop this feature, it would be nice if Announcements were unpublished on import, meaning the instructor can see them but the students can't. With a "publish button on every announcement, instructors could release announcements quickly when they are needed without the tedious setting of a date and time on each announcement.


This feature would also bring announcements in line with other tools in Canvas that use publish and unpublish functionality and would help instructors who might unintentionally be releasing announcements to students from a past semester.

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Please, I would love this feature to be added. I have the same or similar announcements to make every time I run a course and have to delete them from my copied course and re-paste them from my old course, it would be so much easier if I could just publish and unpublish. 

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Can this please, please be added!!!!

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Pretty please?

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There should be a function to archive announcements without permanently deleting them. This would allow instructors to view and repost announcements if necessary, but hide them from students. 

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We need this feature.

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I agree--it is time consuming to hide imported announcements, but helpful to have them there.  A show/hide button and the ability to set "release dates" would be helpful.  Even using something like the "bulk edit" for assignment dates would be better than having to open each one and manually change it.  Bulk edit would allow us to set all dates to a date in the future after the class ends, temporarily preventing all announcements from being sent.  As needed, we could edit them and change the date, or for those super organized, they could set release dates for the whole semester.

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I'm an instructor using Canvas and I noticed my announcements from my last class remain in announcements for this year's class. I don't necessarily want to use all those announcements this year or would want to wait to post until pertinent for this year's class. It would be helpful to have a publish or unpublish option so the information could be saved and posted when appropriate. That isn't available according to Canvas help.

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When importing announcements from a prior Canvas course, the following should be implemented:

1. Don't default to publishing the announcement for all students to see, but rather keep it hidden pending instructor edits and decisions to re-post.

2. Don't default to allowing students to comment on the announcement.

3. Allow the instructor to re-post the announcement so (a) the date of re-posting controls the order in which the announcement is listed for students; and (b) the author of the announcement is listed as the current instructor for the course, not "U."

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Announcements are not static and are used in a way that is much more dynamic than modules. Yet modules have more publishing/visibility options. They should at least function the same in this regard.