[Assignments] Assign to by Group for Individual Assignment

This idea was submitted previously and archived (see below). I would also request the same thing. For individual assignments, I would like to be able to "Assign to" by Group. I often divide the class into groups with varying discussion assignments or assignment due dates, yet these are individual assignments. I teach large classes, so it is too much work to type in individual names repeatedly.


Assign to" Student Groups for Individual Assessment


I want to be able to create Groups based on their modification or need and assign it to that group.Currently we have teachers who have to type in a LOT of student names when it's a modified assignment. Being able to pre-create groups with those students in them and assign or exclude that group would save a lot of time.

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It would be very helpful if there were an option in group assignments to either

a) accept submissions from individual group members. (for when work is delegated, or different parts of the assignment are coming from different group members)


b) allow additional file submissions after the first (for when multiple drafts of group work need to be collected in one space)

or, even better, both!

Thank you.


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Teachers would like to create differentiated versions of individual assignments and batch assign them to students. As it stands right now teachers have to type in the names of every kid - usually over 100 names - for every assignment when differentiating. Groups doesn't work because any submission is counted  for all members of the group, and using sections is problematic for us because all of our courses are created and rostered using an integration with our SIS. If teachers have the ability to create and delete sections, or add and remove students from sections, we end up with a lot of anomalies. Plus, I am told giving teachers that ability opens the possibility that any teacher might accidentally break our integrations with the SIS district-wide.

It would be so much easier to implement if there were a feature under groups that allowed you to select "Individual Submissions." Groups works beautifully without messing up our SIS integration. Can't it be changed to allow students to submit work individually, or could there be a similar pathway created that would allow us to batch assign differentiated individual assignments without opening up the pandora's box of editing sections?

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Yes, please!

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Yes!!! This is needed for all teachers but especially teachers who have students with IEP, sped, and 504 accommodations.

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This would enable me to address the needs of all students as needed. It would be especially beneficial to my English language learners, students with IEPs and 504 plans, and any student that needs that extra tweak to their instruction. I believe that teachers using your LMS would welcome this wholeheartedly. What a gamechanger this would be!

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Yes, please!

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This would support teachers in hybrid model now for immediate purposes, but is also essential for differentiation for the long-term. Please change this!

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This would be so helpful in differentiating with special education and advanced learners. 

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This would be amazing!

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Yes, this would  make differentiation so much easier. Please consider!