[Assignments] Assign to everyone except selected students

There are some assignments that go out to the majority of my students except one or two per class. It would be great to be able to assign to "everyone" and then have a button to select which students are exempt from the assignment.

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Hi Chrissy,

Does this not also then show up in those student's Gradebook twice, as indicated ny Renee Petrina's post above? Might it also allow those students two separate exams times (e.g. could take it at either time), and perhaps even let them have access to that exam twice?

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In her case she created a copy of the assignment which does show up twice and is my problem also with modified tests.

However, it seems like you are giving the same test just at different times.

What I have done in the past was assign different due date, different release times or available until times for select students. So if they are taking it early I create a new available time for that student, Similarly if they are taking it later which I also extend the until time. If they have extended time I change the until time.  You can change both the date and time for all fields. So for your student (or hers in the testing center) you would assign a different available at time and maybe and extended available until time. With passwords I think you can only assign that to the whole test but it is easy enough to write the code on the board in class and change it afterward if needed for remaining students (which I have also done when teaching at University). This approach will show up in your assignments twice but not the gradebook, and the student will only see it once.

Letting them have access to the exam twice I have done this before; however, I think I went in after their first attempt and allowed that one student additional attempts. You could however allow multiple attempts for all students with different options on how to record the attempts (highest, last, average) when the exam is created.

Its worth a try to see if it works for you.  I am not a fan of having to create multiple exams (quizzes) unless I have to as it creates headaches with grading and such in the current system.

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This would be a great idea for large student enrolment classes.  

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Hi Chrissy,

Thanks so much for all of yout input and feedback: ) 

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Renee, this feature has been on the production Radar since 2016... any ETA on it?

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Community Team

The Radar idea stage has been removed from the Feature Idea Process.  You can read more about why in the blog post Adaptation: Feature Idea Process Changes.


This change will only impact the stage sort of this idea and will not change how it is voted on or how it is considered during prioritization activities.  This change will streamline the list of ideas 'open for voting', making it easier for you to see the true top voted ideas in one sort, here.

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The low number of votes on this is not representative of a lack of desire for this -- I'm willing to bet that there are a hundred versions of this suggestion floating around.  No one can even believe that it is not a built in option.  It is ridiculous to not have the ability to exclude a student from an assignment -- the majority of assignments are going to be assigned to the majority of students, that's how things work.  

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Still can't believe we're talking about this. I only have 30 students; I can't imagine what it's like for people with 100+. My use case: I teach an over/under course where my grad students and undergrads are enrolled under the same course number and in the same course section, but have differentiated assignments. I have 7 assignments my undergrads get which are replaced with one longer paper for my grads. So I have to hand adjust 7 assignments to assign them to 25 students. And I can't even do this with the keyboard, nor can I multi select students. THIS IS SO TEDIOUS. 

Once I've assigned several students, they show up as individual names which can then be removed one by one.  Couldn't there be an option to "expand" the "everyone" assignment to show individual names, and then the 5 students who need to be removed can be removed in just a few clicks? 

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This very critical issue is about 3 years old, and it's still open? This is really very annoying. We have 200+ (in some cases 300+) students, of which some, mostly a few dozen, have very specific assignments. It's just really no fun at all to type all the students over and over again, let alone the error-proneness.

The way we do it now is to let the students with deviating assignments know that they don't have to care about the 'default assignment' and we keep a separate list which we use manually. This makes it harder to do the follow-up of the students with specific assignments, and it's mainly them that often need more follow-up (work students which can not attend all classes etc).

Please make it possible to have a list of 'all students except'

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This needs to happen ASAP. In Google Classroom you simply click on a student's name to unassign them. It is completely inefficient to have to type in the name of every student.