[Assignments] Assignment Batch Edit: Add Due Dates in Batches

In Assignments, once "edit assignment dates" is selected, more than one assignment can be selected and "Batch Edit" can be used. However, Batch Edit can only be used to 1) remove or 2) shift dates. Why can't it be used to add assignment dates? As it functions now, assignments with the same due date must be individually selected in order to apply a due date, and this process must be done for each one. Batch Edit really needs to include adding due dates, and not just removing or shifting.

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In Covid changing times this would be super helpful when admin makes global changes to student work policies mid term.   


It was nice to remove them, but to add them in bulk that would be great.

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It would also be helpful in other areas. I tried to batch edit a group of assignments to be "not graded."

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I agree with this as a need. I have a lot of assignments each term (around 100) that requires me to spend a lot of mindless clicking From, Due and Until dates on. To be able to bulk select everything that I need to put a date in for and then add these dates one time to apply to all, would be amazing.

One other thing would be good to add as well. When bulk selecting, the assignments that are assigned to multiple groups show up beneath the assignments without a box to select them with. This would be most helpful if this were fixed too. 

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I have had multiple teachers ask for this feature as well.  It would certainly be helpful!  Especially for secondary teachers, who often transfer assignments from one course to another each semester.

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Yes! I would especially appreciate this for Available until (lock) dates!

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This would be so much better than individually changing it for every single assignment. It would save a ton of time setting up courses, especially when the calendar doesn't line up to just shift due dates. 

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This is so needed. 

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Please implement!


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This would be beneficial to have as an option please.