[Assignments] Download a subset of assignment submissions

I have browsed around a bit and am thinking i am missing this so feel free to close this down if it's a duplicate but in working with our large enrollment computer science classes I've noticed that it would be ideal to allow for some kind of partial download of assignments.


If there were a way for an instructor/TA to select a subset of students and download their submissions, that would make the download size, time, and load more manageable. I suspect you 'can' download 200 computer program submissions in one zip file but for larger enrollment courses you might not want to Smiley Happy


- Melanie

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It is nice that I can bulk download a zip file with all the submissions for an assignment. However, I often don't need all of them, or not all at once. It would be much better (for bandwidth, organization) if there was a mechanism to select which assignments to download.  Frankly this seems like a pretty obvious use case.

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I don't know how to vote on this, but I need this as well. Course of 70 - 100 students, need to download individually for each of 6 - 8 sections. Different professors grade different sections... 

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It is a common K12 feature to need to download the submission of items of an individual section only. Please add in!

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Agreed - went to submit an idea like this and found this one, so I voted for it.

I teach lab classes with ~600 students, ~24 sections, and 15 graders in a single Canvas course. Work is organized by sections. Speedgrader is great and can be filtered by section, but sometimes graders prefer to be able to work offline or with other markup tools like Acrobat. Downloading all the submissions in a single section seems like an obvious need that should not be hard to implement.

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Being able to download subsections of assignments is still desperately needed - such as being able to download by date submitted so we can grade late papers without downloading everything again.

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Currently, we are able to download all submissions when marking. It would be great to be able to download just 1 section of submissions for markup and then re-upload. 

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Lots of variations on a theme here.  I agree with all of the needed use cases to give options for what can be bulk downloaded, but want to reiterate what someone suggested about downloading just the ungraded submissions.  For a class with flexible due dates there really needs to be a way to only select those new, ungraded submissions.  Yes, it's possible to sort by ungraded in Speedgrader, but for the file types which much be downloaded that doesn't work to grade there. Plus, downloading directly from Speedgrader doesn't append the filenames with student names which is needed with these types of assignments.  

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I voted 5 stars for this idea. As an admin, I have received quite a lot of questions from academics who have big size courses/shared courses on how to export submissions for their sections only. At the moment, we only see only one option to download all submissions at a time.

It would be benefit if the feature can be implemented ASAP. Thanks.

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It is ridiculous, particularly given FERPA issues, that you can sort the gradebook by section but that view can't be downloaded.  Please, please, please create this feature.

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Can't seem to vote for this either (do not see a vote button or list of voters?)

This is not a feature request, it is simply a bug that if you filter the grade book, then download submissions, submissions are not filtered.

I'm downloading tons of stuff I don't need to review.