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I have browsed around a bit and am thinking i am missing this so feel free to close this down if it's a duplicate but in working with our large enrollment computer science classes I've noticed that it would be ideal to allow for some kind of partial download of assignments.


If there were a way for an instructor/TA to select a subset of students and download their submissions, that would make the download size, time, and load more manageable. I suspect you 'can' download 200 computer program submissions in one zip file but for larger enrollment courses you might not want to Smiley Happy


- Melanie

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We use sections a lot and it is necessary to download the submissions separately. Otherwise, it has to be manually separated afterwards, which doesn't make any sense if there is already a division made.

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I would use this too. I like to have students submit on Canvas but then return assignments in paper. It would be helpful to separate by section so I know what needs to be done when and expedite passing back student work. 

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This would be very helpful as a feature and qould be quite logical as we can also assign different due dates for different sections.
Different sections of students for a coarse also have class at different times. If I need to give feedback to a specific section it would be much better if i can download just the submissions of that section.

Thanks for considering to implement this feature into Canvas

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Is it possible, or will it ever be possible, to download submissions by course not just assignment by assignment. Need this! Especially when instructors need student submissions for accreditation purposes. Downloading assignment by assignment is tedious! Instructors clamoring for way to select a course, then download submissions for all assignment columns!

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Would be fantastic if this feature worked with sorting SpeedGrader by groups. 

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Just adding a comment here in support of this feature enhancement request. This is especially useful for large-enrollment courses, and especially in the case where one of the TAs/co-instructors has an accessibility accommodation which requires them to grade from hard copies of the submissions within their section, only. There are many times where feature requests seem to address the needs of few people with idiosyncratic workflows, but I believe this one impacts a wide number of users. Thank you.

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Still waiting for this very simple feature to integrated. Very frustrating!

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Adding another +1 vote for large classes and a grading team assigned to grade by sections. I also had a recent request only to explain to the TA to download the submissions in bulk and remove the students who are not in her assigned section (or to download submissions one at a time).

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Please include this feature! I don't have anything to add onto what's been posted previously. Other than adding my voice to the choir. 

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