[Attendance] show all dates for each student without report

Problem statement:

I would like to suggest an improvement for the attendance tool. When I click on an individual student, I can only see the number of classes they missed, not the dates for when they missed class. I would like to see the information that currently can only be obtained from requesting a report: I would like to see which days they missed, not just how many, but which ones. At our college, when we drop a student (for inattendance), it asks us when did they last attend. I have to dig through information in Canvas to find that out. It should be available right there in the attendance tool.

Proposed solution:

My proposed solution would be: in the Roll Call screen, when I click on the More button, to have a small grid calendar there to see which dates they were absent and which dates they were present. Please make this possible. Thank you.

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Thanks for your submission! Based on what's being asked here, I've identified a theme that I think this would fit well with. It's called Improved UI Controls and Usability - Additional filtering and view options. I've associated this idea to the theme.