[Blueprint Courses] Assignment Due dates based off course Start date

Working in Higher Ed means that a lot of the same course content is used session after session.

When copying a course blueprint, there is a setting called "Adjust events and due dates > Shift dates".  This setting does not seem to work well if the class skips a session and the blueprint is not used all the time.  When the course is copied, the event dates and due dates do not adjust correctly.

For "assignments" - I'd like to suggest an additional date setting that allows us to choose a specific number of Weeks/days after the course "Start Date" that an assignment will be due or an Event will be run.


Actual course start date is Feb 28, 2022
Course opens up to students 2 weeks prior to complete any Pre Assignments
Pre Assignments are due at 11:59pm on Feb 27th (The Sunday before Week 1 starts)
Any Pre Assignments for week 1 are also due on Feb 27th at 11:59pm
Homework for week 1 is due the following Sunday at 11:59pm
The following weeks are exactly the same format to week 1 due dates.

Since each due date is a specific amount of days before/after the course start date, the blueprint would always have the correct dates because it would be a calculation of Start date + number of days until due and at what hour/minute.



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We do this with our Snapshot Generator integration, but it would be great to be available as part of the default copy process or API.

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Yes!  This feature would be tremendous!  We run upwards of 70 short courses that have the same structure - courses starts on X date, assignments are due on X+7, x+14, x+18, etc.  The ability to set that up in the blueprint would be an incredible timesaver.

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