[Blueprint Courses] Blueprint unable to overwrite entire gradebook grade posting policy if grading present

Problem statement:

Blueprint courses are overwriting the associated courses' grade posting policy when set for the entire gradebook if the course settings box is checked from syncing. We would like to block this setting override if grading has occurred. For example, an instructor may be grading with their entire gradebook policy set to Manual. They take a break when a blueprint change occurs. Thanks to the blueprint update, the entire grade book setting is now set to Automatic. The instructor comes back later and continues grading. Since the eyeball is still there, they don't notice Manual is now missing. Why would they? They didn't change it, and it was working before their break. Anything newly graded is now set to Automatic, and chaos and confusion occurs. For single assignments, the grading policy isn't overwritten by the blueprint and is only overwritten when applied to the entire gradebook. A workaround is leaving the entire gradebook set to automatic and individually set the policy on each assignment.

Proposed solution:

If grading has occurred, block the blueprint from adjusting the entire grade book grade posting policy. Or somehow check to see what is currently being graded and keep the policy set as is for those assignments and only adjust ungraded.

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