[Calendar] Edit or Delete Series of Events

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I created a series of recurring events in the calendar. My weekly office hours for recurring on Tuesdays for 8 weeks. Unfortunately I had the wrong information and needed to delete the series. When I went in to delete I did not get the option to delete or edit the series.  I could only delete each calendar even individually I could not edit or delete the entire series.

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@Stef_retired thanks for the information and the link! I found the stars - I wasn't sure I had really clicked (I expected them to change color or something), but I found the list of people who had rated this idea and I was listed, so I'm good now. 😎

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Use Case: Bulk/Edit of Student Created Recurring Calendar events

As a student, I would like to be able to edit recurring events on my calendar when I make a mistake in scheduling, e.g. 2am instead of 2pm, rather than have to delete each calendar event separately as this is several clicks per event to open it, edit it, delete it, confirm it.  If not possible, I would like to be able to integrate with a more feature-rich, external calendar tool, e.g. Google Calendar, or Outlook Calendar.  

Impact: Correcting a recurring event as currently implemented, where recurring events are not associated to each other, results in ~one hour loss of time per calendar series for a semester long recurring event.


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I have a teacher who wants to add daily agendas to his Canvas calendar as events. These are more for him than for the students, so he is putting them in his "Master" default term course. However, there is not a way currently to mass change dates in a default term course. That works when copying from one year to the next in live courses with kids because you can alter dates en masse, but he's not copying from year to year for this--it's permanently housed in the master class. So he would have to go in event by event (so, every day) to change the agenda date from the previous year. Can we add a way to mass change calendar event dates like you can with assignments in a batch edit?

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This is very much needed! It is incredibly difficult to first have to create all events anew--instead of being able to duplicate existing events--AND to then not be able to edit events as a series when they were created that way. Bring on this "bulk edit"/"series edit"/"treat event as series" now, please! 

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I am embarrassed to admit how many times I've prayed for this option... anything closer to GCal functionality to make a change-all or delete-all

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Yes, please! This would make revising information regarding classes and other repeated events so much easier!

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It would be SO helpful to have this ability! Google Calendar is a lot more user friendly, change friendly, and mistake friendly. Canvas please please please code this into the calendar.

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I would like the calendars to operate more like Google's. I want to be able to "edit all occurrences", or click Zoom Meeting from X date to Y date, not 146 days. And I would like to be able to click "every Tu and Th for 6 weeks. And then if I need to amend the descriptor I would like it to update all entries. Lastly, I would like to be able to this copy over to other sections/courses with a single click.


In other words, if I have 3 class that all meet M,T,Th,Fri, but at different times, this would take me about 20 minutes to set this up. Instead I end up spending about 6 hours doing the same operation. I have ADHD so I make a lot of little mistakes (e.g. forgetting to put a date, wanting it AM but the default is pm, etc.) So I literally spend hours creating and fixing my calendar mistakes (like 6 hours). 


I will add an event that meets every day for 150 days and then I have to go back and delete all the weekends and Wednesdays and holidays. Then I realize I posted it on my default calendar and not on my Period 1. So now I have to manually delete 150 calendar entries, then create new ones and delete the weekends, Wednesdays and holidays. Then I realize one of the times says pm instead of AM, so I have to delete those 150 entries and repeat. 





Thank you.


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An option is needed to mass delete events on the calendar. For example, when you select an event (if it’s a repetitive event) the option should be erase this one occurrence or all occurrences.