[Calendar] Import calendar from ICS file

I am aware that we can export our canvas calendar feed to another calendar but it would be nice to import calendar feeds too.


For example, I would like to be able to import my institution's academic calendar into canvas. I find myself having to re-enter important dates so that I can see them as I schedule assignments and tests--it seems silly to have to retype them when they are available as an ics file, if only I could import it.


Originally suggested on the old forum by Michael Young.

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How can this still be in discussion and not be implemented already. I mean the customers have pushed this wish forward for 5 years now. How difficult can it be?

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Just adding my confusion over why 5+ years have gone by without Instructure adding a simple feature that would allow us to import academic calendars. I do hope prospective customers who evaluate and acquire enterprise licenses notice this thread.

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How has this still not been added as a feature? We've had a campus Google calendar for years that feeds into our campus website, but our district has "Campus Community" Courses in Canvas as well where we're supposed to communicate with parents. Everything has to be added to that calendar again manually!

And even though it is possible to export the Canvas calendar, I wouldn't be able to share just one course, since the link includes the calendars of all your courses! So frustrating!

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@tracy_machu It may have been even longer than the 6 years, 3 months, 30 days since the original post because the OP says "Originally suggested on the old forum by Michael Young."

Amazing.  Will this become the meme thread?


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I'm mindful that we can trade our material schedule feed to one more schedule however it would be great to import schedule takes care of as well.

For instance, I might want to have the option to bring my establishment's scholarly schedule into material. I end up having to reemerge significant dates with the goal that I can consider them to be I plan tasks and tests- - it appears senseless to need to retype them when they are free as an ics record, if by some stroke of good luck I could import it.

Initially proposed on the old gathering by Michael Young.

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Please implement this feature!

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My school district is adopting Canva for school-wide use -- teachers, students, etc. Because the district clearly wants students and staff to use Canva, the district (at least by implication) wants Canva users to use all of the functionality Canva provides, including the calendar. Using the Canva calendar primarily, however, would suggest that Canva should have the option to IMPORT other calendar apps to Canva, not the other way around.

As others have mentioned since 2015, this function has been suggested/requested multiple times to no avail, which means we're essentially forcing all Canva users to use an external calendar app [read as NOT Canva) if they want to view events synced across multiple calendars. 

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Here's another +1. It's essential for those of us that must integrate across multiple schedulers!

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To everyone that has been in this thread and is still reading, adding five stars to the idea helps bump it up!

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This feature would definitely help students and staff to gather all their deadlines and activities in one calendar and have a better overview.