[Calendar] Make Event Default Time 11:59pm rather than 12:00am


Right now.....

  • An event on the calendar has a default time of 12am on the date of the event.
  • An assignment has a default time of 11:59pm on the date the assignment is due.


This causes an inconsistent user experience when viewing Coming Up in the side bar.


If an assignment is due on May 8th it will show as Coming Up in the side bar until 11:59pm on May 8th.

If an event occurs on May 8th it will not show as Coming Up in the side bar after 12:00 am on May 8th.

Therefore, if a student logs in to Canvas the morning of May 8th, Coming Up in the side bar will list the Assignment due today but the Event occurring today will not be displayed.

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great find Jenn

 @jlg65 ‌

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Thanks  @alh245 ‌!

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Voted! I always recommend that our instructors use 11:59PM as the due time because many students were confused by the 12:00AM/PM time. It may be hard to believe but many thought 12:00PM meant midnight and vice versa.

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I cannot tell you how many online platforms I've seen in which 12:00 AM or PM creates problems. Either switch to military time (24:00 at the end of the day or 0:00 at the beginning of the next) or default to 11:59. It's so much clearer.

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Isn't this already implemented?  This should be closed not in "Open for Voting".

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 @CraigOgden , I just tested to be sure. If no times are manually entered, the default time for an event is still 12am, whereas the default time for an assignment is still 11:59pm. As such, the idea is still open for voting.

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It would be great if there were a class-time setting in the settings page and then the automatically applied time for events and assignments could be based on that time.   I realize this scenario doesn't apply to everyone, but would be perfect for me since virtually all of my assignments are due at the beginning of class.

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What I'd really like is the ability for either my institution to set the default or for me to be able to set a default in my class.  I teach in a 9-12 boarding school.  12 Midnight is after lights out and NOT an acceptable time to turn in work.  My institution discourages us using the default time.  For me, a great default would be "start of class" on a given date, as my class times change every day.

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In that case why hasn't it. To change this would be changing at most 3 lines of code. 

No need to reply this was a rhetorical question. Just letting out some frustration.