Canvas Mobile App: Next and Previous Module Item Buttons

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Add the next and previous navigation buttons to each item in module tool on Canvas by Instructure for iOS and Android. This will allow the user navigate through a module without having to go back to the module list.




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Find more information in the Canvas by Instructure Release Notes (iOS 3.13)

Community Contributor

As someone that really appreciates a concurrent mobile experience across the board i would really appreciate getting the next and previous buttons added to the mobile app.

The current issue I have is that the iOS mobile Safari browser is sometimes does not render the next and previous buttons on modules.  I have created a support ticket on this, however since the mobile browser is not officially supported i was told to steer my users to the Canvas iOS app.

However that does not do me much good as the app does not have the buttons!  So it would be great to have the buttons so that navigation of modules is consistent across the app and the desktop browser.  Its hard to have to continuously keep track of how things work and dont work for processes and it would be great to be able to keep things as symbiotic as we can.


Community Champion

Great idea  @rseilham , I ALWAYS try to swipe from Module item to Module item every time I use the Canvas App on iOS.  I have a hard time believing it's not there Smiley Happy  I want to say on Android it's a better experience in this way?


Community Champion

Android no longer has the next-previous buttons, so I'm not sure the experience is better. There is definitely an identity crisis between iOS and Android with the mobile apps. They really should be more consistent with features and design. I understand there is a difference between iOS Flat and Android Material Design, but it can be done.


Just a reminder that this feature idea will open for voting just under one week from now on August 5th.

Community Team
Community Team

This idea is now open for voting.

Community Novice

In our school district, either adding a next/previous button or a swipe feature is instrumental to the use of the mobile app for blended learning. In its current form, it is unacceptable to have younger students revisit the modules page in between content to continue with their pre-built lesson. This feature is instrumental to our district's canvas rollout.

Community Explorer

The "next/previous" button feature really makes sense and is essential to the success of a mobile device program. It doesn't only make good instructional design sense but also opens the door to young learners, specially if it has swiping capabilities.

Community Novice

This feature is necessary if the mobile environment is ever truly going to be user friendly from an instructional standpoint.

Beyond this feature, mobile devices should also have the ability to SWIPE forward or backward within a module.

Community Contributor

I totally agree. If module content is setup as sequenced on the browser version, the app should follow the same design and structure. I also expect to be able to swipe next. But at the very least there should be a button. Thanks for posting this idea!

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hey Corbet, I love that idea of taking advantage of the baked in gesture features on mobile devices.  @robert_wakelyn ​ also shared this same idea about adding "swiping."   We've archived that as a duplicate idea so we can channel all discussion about this in this idea thread.