[Canvas Mobile] Canvas Web and Mobile UI Design Unification

Problem statement:

Currently, the UI design principles of the web and mobile clients of Canvas are very different, with different iconography, fonts, features (like dark mode), design, and even different selections for buttons on the taskbar, providing for a very confusing and inconsistent experience when switching over from web to mobile and/or vice versa.

Proposed solution:

My solution is developing a design language for Canvas. Like design languages for YouTube or Apple, Canvas could have its own design language that Canvas developers would follow when creating new features. Of course there would be small differences based for sizing and buttons for mobile usability, but otherwise, both the web and mobile clients would be under one unified design language that would make using both clients smooth and make the experience more consistent for the user.

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Here are several examples of inconsistency within the Canvas platform clients:unnamed (1).jpgScreenshot 2023-03-06 4.24.46 PM.png


Screenshot 2023-03-06 4.25.45 PM.png

IMG_0960.jpgScreenshot 2023-03-06 4.25.45 PM.pngIMG_0961.jpgScreenshot 2023-03-06 4.38.46 PM.pngunnamed.jpgScreenshot 2023-03-06 4.23.22 PM.png

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Hi, @STARSHIP21! Thank you for sharing your idea with our community. While we do have a design system for Canvas, we recognize there are opportunities to tighten this and provide additional consistency between web and mobile. Given this, we've added your idea to the them of 'Increase parity between mobile and web versions of Canvas'.