[Commons] Update Parts of Shared Course Content from Commons


It would be nice if Commons updated only the parts of a shared course that were updated and not the entire course.  Right now, Commons seems to overwrite an entire course.

More Details

Let's say that you have two courses "A" and "B".

  1. An entire course "A" is shared to Canvas Commons by an instructor.  How do I share a course to Commons? - Canvas Community
  2. Another instructor for course "B" imports the course from Commons into his/her course.  How do I import and view a Commons resource in Can... - Canvas Community
  3. At some point in time, the instructor for course "B" makes an change to a content page.
  4. Later on, the instructor of course "A" makes a change to a different page in course "A" and re-shares the course to Commons.  How do I update a resource I previously shared to ... - Canvas Community
  5. The instructor for course "B" gets notified via Commons that an update is available to the course and applies the update.  How do I view updates to resources I previously im... - Canvas Community
  6. The new update appears in course "B", but the change that the second instructor made in course "B" in step two is undone because the entire course was updated from Commons.

It would be helpful if Canvas recognized only the parts of a course that were changed...instead of overwriting the entire course.  In the scenario above, the second instructor would have lost any changes to the page he/she made after the course was re-shared and updated from Commons.

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