[Conversations] Link to assignment in Message Students Who

Create automatic link to assignment you are referring to in "message students who"....

It would be great if a link to the assignment you are referring to is part of the "message students who" feature so students can go directly there. As it stands, it often causes further confusion, and takes a lot of effort for students who are behind. 

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Yes! Honestly, we really need access to the RCE in Conversations, because although sure, we could just copy and paste the URL for the assignment in the message, without the ability to turn it into a descriptive hyperlink we run into an accessibility issue. (Same goes for the Service Cloud, but that's a different can of worms entirely.)

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This would be a really helpful addition!

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I LOVE the "message students who" feature in the gradebook! I'd love it even more if it included a link to the assignment! How great would that be for a student to get a message that they need to complete an assignment and the link to it is right there? I would include the link myself in my message, but links won't go through in conversations... that's another idea. I can have links in announcements, but not in emails to students. Frustrating.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Yes, I kept getting requests from my students for the link to what they were missing which surprised me. I just thought it would be there in the email since it was going from the column in the grade book that reads the results of student activity on the link!

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This would be really helpful so students could just click to take them to the assignment.   I have been manually adding but it could be a checkbox option. 


Yes, this is needed.   Canvas is being used so much -- and everyone love the "Message Students Who" feature.   But an automatic link would be much more encouraging for students.

(Yes, a work around is for teachers to copy the URL and include it in the message for students on browsers.  But what about students on iPads?)

So I would ask to go one step even further to have it go back to the assignment on the Student App as well. 

Also, please Up Rate my idea:  Fix "Message Students Who: Haven't Been Graded" filter


Excellent idea @Hildi_Pardo! I can see the convenience value for our students.

Sky V. King, FIU Online

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I agree!!!

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So many times I've got a "Where do I find that..." message back from kids after sending out reminders with this feature. It really would be helpful to have the link built in to the reminder!

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It would be nice to have the link to an assignment automatically created when we send the message to students about a missing grade through the Gradebook.