[Course Settings] Navigation Shows Only What I Choose/ Students See and Not See

Problem statement:

When I go to Settings --> Navigation I see all of the options for all of the teachers in my district. I am in the fifth largest district in the US. There are many choices. There are 2 options for categorization: Drag and drop items to reorder them in the course navigation. And Drag items here to hide them from students. Some of the ones under hide from students I do want in the course navigation for myself. Assignments, Rubrics, and the like. Other selections, I do not want to clutter my course navigation but I have no choice. The district has either disabled some automatically or the course navigation has a default number that it shows. There are always about 4-5 that I do not need in the navigation and with my anxiety and ocd- it is messy and makes me feel like I should be looking at them even though I KNOW I do not use them or need them.

Proposed solution:

Possibly have a third category for how to display the navigation. Course Navigation Hide From Students Do Not Include in Course Navigation

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