[Courses] Make the course list sortable

When you click on Courses and then All Course, Canvas lists them in some random order. As my number of courses builds up over the semesters, with many courses of the same name, I would like to be able to SORT my list of courses by Name, Semester, Recently used, etc.

So... please let us sort these courses so that we can easily find what we are looking for!

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Currently, under the list of "Past Enrollments" for Canvas courses, the past courses are listed in chronological order. I believe it would be more efficient if they were listed in reverse chronological order, so the most recent courses are visible first. With the current arrangement, one has to either scroll to the very bottom or search for the courses from the past couple of semesters. Would it be possible to change this?

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Yes! Please do this Canvas! Thankfully I just figured out "Control F" Helps find old courses. I agree with the others that this should be an easy fix. The Canvas chat person said we can generate more movement towards this goal if we get more people to give a review and "star" it! So I am doing my part and hoping for change!

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@Ceven -

If you are not adverse to it (and you missed the posts) go to the 4th page of posts and look for the post by James (or you can look at mine).

There is a way to do what you want - not part of Canvas, but it works and it will make you happier until Canvas decides to fix the issue.  Of course you may be restricted from using the scripts mentioned - I do not know.  I just wanted you to be aware of a possible solution that is much better than ctrl-f

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Ron ( @Ron_Bowman ),

I don't know if you know this or not (I keep forgetting it myself), but you can get a permanent link to your post to make it easier for people to find. You go to your post and then click on the more options (three vertical dots). There's an option for permalink. You can right click and copy the link address.

Another nice feature of the software here (Canvas does this as well within reason) is that you can select your link text and then just paste. When the clipboard contains a URL, it makes it the location for the link. If it's not a link, then it would replace whatever text you had selected.

@Ceven, here is a link to Ron's post about my Canvancement from page 4 of this thread. Here is the link to my blog post about it. I would consider that the primary destination for people rather than the GitHub page.

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@James  Thanks for the information - I never thought about looking for that possibility - Learn something new everyday.  

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It looks like Canvas has incorporated this feature.  I would like for someone else to verify it, but I have the capability - it operates just like the canvancement by James - which is why I need someone else to verify it.  I have the canvancement turned off and still see the sort capability.  However, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion/observation

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@Ron_Bowman I'm sorry to say that I couldn't see that Canvas has implemented the feature. I tried in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. 

Anyone else seeing anything different?

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@cdraney -

Actually, I was wrong.  Our institution Canvas Admins incorporated the canvancement that James wrote into our instance of Canvas.  They were getting enough complaints/questions about it that they went ahead and figured out how to do the incorporation

Sorry I got your hopes up.  I had asked(sort of) @James if it had been incorporated on his canvancement page -sorting the all courses list - and he replied it had not and mentioned that my institution may have done it themselves.  

So if you get all of your colleagues together and send in massive amounts of needing this feature, maybe your admins would consider incorporating the canvancement into your instance.


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Could not agree more, hopefully 2022 is the year this idea gets noticed by the Canvas developers (lol)

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Yes the list of past courses is getting longer and longer and more and more unmanageable. Please make it sortable.