[Credentials/Badges] Add ability to restrict learner progress by section

Problem statement:

In Canvas, you are able to restrict visibility of users/grades by Section. If you utilize the Badgr add-on, all teachers within a course can see the users, and progress of all students in that course, regardless of section. This is less of a feature request and more of a bug report, as this severely limits the ability to protect user data within Canvas - if using Badgr. Not to mention you can easily export ALL user data from Badgr in the form of CSV. If you use Canvas to host trainings, this gives one entity access to all users - even those outside their organization.

Proposed solution:

Canvas already has the ability to limit visibility to things by Section. Badgr should also be able to do this so that teachers in one section do not have access to the progress of students in another section. This should be done to continue the privacy and security capabilities that Canvas offers/advertises, to protect user data from being immorally obtained/misused, and to make it easier for Teachers to monitor the progress ONLY of their section, from within the Badgr tab. As of right now, we are forced to disable Badgr, due to this limitation/security gap.

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