[Dashboard] Customize the View in Dashboard

As a course design assistant, my dashboard gets entirely too overloaded and the need to scroll to find the course I need to access can go on for a while due to the size of the cards.

I would love to be able to organize my dashboard in a list view and be able to create multiple lists. For example, I help with courses for anthropology, comparative literature and psychology, so let me create groups for those types of courses in 3 columns so that I can see all of my courses in the dashboard quickly and select the one I want to access without the need to scroll.

If I could then also split those columns in half so that I could put anthropology and psychology in one column, comlit and english in the next column and then have room for two more categories it would make my life so much easier!

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Tossing in my two cents. Being able to organize course cards under folders or headings would be an incredible QOL improvement. I frequently have faculty asking if there's a way to group the cards according to term, discipline, role, etc. I'm shocked that this doesn't have more votes!

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Being able to customize the dashboard has the potential to make it more usable.  Another update that would help would be to keep global announcements from entirely overtaking the screen: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/15976-minimize-global-announcements-on-dashboard 

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This would be a fantastic feature for those times of the year when I am active in a number of different courses supporting our teachers.

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In our district, we have Special Education teachers and support staff with 30 or more active course cards because of the large number of learners they are serving in person and online. It is cumbersome for them to sift through the courses in list or card view. It would be great if Canvas users had the option to organize their courses in folders. 

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I am setting up a large number of courses, and my dashboard is far too cluttered. Folders would be a huge help.

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There should be an option to filter courses on the dashboard by semester etc.

By default, once a user logs in, all courses show at once and the only options are more aesthetic than anything (Card View, List View). A user should have the ability to filter by year and semester.

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It would be great to have the ability to sort courses into folders in the All Courses view. Especially for admin who have tons of courses. 

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As a student who is a Teaching Assistant, I want to have separate dashboards/to-do lists and views for my courses where I am a student and those where I am a Teaching Assistant, so that I can track my student deliverables and due dates separately from those where I am a Teaching Assistant. 

Background - I am a Teaching Assistant for 4 courses while I am a student for 3 courses. I have 7 courses that show up on my dashboard and almost 15 items in my to-do list at any point in time, which consists of a mixed bag of assignments that I need to complete as a student and those that I need to grade as a TA. As a result of which, it gets really difficult for me to track my course deadlines as a student and affects my personal course performance. 

Suggestion - Have a feature to switch between profiles - Student and Teaching Assistant, on any account, so that you can view your courses and all related items separately and thus improve course tracking abilities. 

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There are too many cards in the dashboard. However, some are not always important, such as  liverpool welcome, ELECEXAMS, and make the dashboard messy. So I suggest adding a hidden choice of cards in the dashboard.

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It would be great if the Dashboard on Canvas Website had multiple rows and columns to organize our class blocks in any specific order we desire.

I would prefer, in my case for example, to have all the Command Line Shell classes in one single row, and then all my Security+ classes in another different row (line), and so on.  What I can only do is to shuffle them up, but not organize them because they all are in a continuous line.

So, if there were columns and rows to re-arrange them, it would be beneficial for a lot of us that have many classes per semester.