[Enrollments] Self-Enrollment by Secret URL into Specific Section

Allow users to #self-enroll in a Canvas course via the secret URL into a specific #section within that course. Doing so would remove the need to manually move/assign sections to each user.


Enable Self-Enrollment

Basically, add a field to this ^ screen that would allow us to get the link to a specific section within the course to self-enroll in.



Potential uses: Course shells lasting longer than a single semester; extended on-boarding and training shells based on hire date; support shells for incoming waves of users; orientations for new teachers; having users that need to be in multiple sections within a single course.

Community Champion

Big +1 for this. We run self-paced courses for professional development and it would be great to have people added to specific sections so we could look at enrollment by season/year.

Community Explorer

It's ridiculous that this still hasn't been implemented. Any teacher would take one look at this and say, "what hasn't this been fixed?" But instead we keep going through these pointless votes, year after year, and it doesn't get fixed... Honestly, this voting system is broken when it comes to fixing critical flaws.

Community Explorer

We need this feature. Converting from moodle that has this and it save a lot of time and removes errors.

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Upvoting. This is needed.

Community Explorer

Please can we have this feature?!!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Our instructors would find it useful if the self-enrollment feature for courses could be expanded to specific sections. For instance, we have an instructor who is allowing students to choose their own assignments. In order to easily assign these assignments to the proper students, they'd like to assign by section.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I think having self enrollment feature by section would be a huge enhancement. Right now the feature is nice but having everyone get put in the main section when they self enroll is not helpful when you are trying to use the same course for multiple sections. 

One example is that we wanted to create a MTSS course for our district and have each school be a section in the course and having a self enrollment link for each section would be great. Thanks for any consideration. 

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Oh my gosh! This is not a thing yet?? I NEED it! I came to the user guides to see how to do this, and see that it's not a thing. So I have to move everyone who enrolls into their specific section? Oh goodness.. I have hundreds of students and staff combined... 

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Bumping this again to try and get it on the radar ... 4 years laters and I'm still seeing a need (I'm @jrober26 by the way, just logged into a different instance now).

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Upvoting this feature! This would be very useful for courses with manual enrollment and save a lot of time and energy sorting data on the back end.