[External Tools] Easier Access to TurnItIn

Problem statement:

Currently quizzes and discussion boards do not have the option to be checked by TurnItIn. A lot of work submitted by students is plagiarized and it is time consuming to track down the original source.

Proposed solution:

Add the option to select TurnItIn with quizzes and discussion boards (preferred) OR provide easy access to TurnItIn directly where stident work can be checked individually.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Will Not Consider


Thank you for sharing your idea with the Instructure Community! Technically, you have two separate requests in this form -- Adding TurnItIn to Discussions and Adding TurnItIn to Essay questions in New Quizzes. Because of that, your thread is being moved to the Will Not Consider status.

Fortunately, one of the requests is already aligned with a theme!

[External Tools] Enable Turnitin for Discussion Posts is an active idea aligned to Improve the user experience with discussions to provide for more meaningful discourse among course p...