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Thank you for your time in reviewing this idea.

It would be wonderful if Turnitin were enabled for Discussions posts and responses.

This would prevent students from cobbling together information from online sources to write original discussion posts.  It would be optimal if the Turnitin feature worked like the one provided for assignment submissions, so that students and faculty can see the percentage of match, etc.  This would be another great tool for helping students understand the importance of originality and avoiding plagiarism.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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Let's continue to really around the need for a Turnitin interface in the Discussion platform. My faculty are growing weary of having to submit student posts to Turnitn. Surely, there is way for this to be accomplished without those extra time-consuming steps.

Would you let me know if a process is underway to achieve a more efficient plagiarism assessment?

Thanks Much!

Dr. Dwight C. Rice

Department Chair of Community Care & Counseling

Liberty University

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Turnitin for discussions is essential.  Multiple students participating in discussions make copying and pasting individual posts and replies cumbersome and time-consuming.  Certainly there must be a way to have Turnitin interface with discussions.

Thank you

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Instructure - Canvas - now is the time to incorporate Turnitin for use in discussions. This has been an 'idea' since 2016!!!! If the Harmonize Discussion Platform can make Turnitin work for their discussions, surely Instructure can as well. 

Turnitin is paramount to the integrity of student's work that is submitted- we need a plagiarism checker in place. 

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Enabling Turnitin for Discussions and Essay Questions in Quizzes would be a phenomenal addition. 

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I would LOVE it if Canvas enabled a similarity or plagiarism checker for Discussion boards. I could search for specific phrases in the discussion board, but that is cumbersome and isn't feasible for large online courses.

Is there a plagiarism checker in development?

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Problem statement:

There is no option for web search of entries for Discussion Boards. It would be helpful if Turnitin was an option for discussion boards.

Proposed solution:

Make Turnitin an option for discussion boards.

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