[External Tools] Google Assignments to Change if the instructor changes the template

Problem statement:

When creating an assignment as Google Docs Cloud assignment, I could change the template of the original after finding an error and then all the students that opened the assignment from that moment on, would see the altered document. When creating an assignment as Google Assignments, it works just like it did in Google Classroom. You have to recreate the entire assignment. I have always told teachers that "Canvas" is way better than "Google Classroom" because if you make a change in a document, the students will see the the altered document without recreating the entire assignment. This saves a lot of time and frustration.

Proposed solution:

The solution is to make the "Google Assignments" external tool function with regards to assignment creation like the "Google Docs Cloud" external tool. It would be so nice to change the template document and not delete and recreate the entire assignment when information changes on an assignment template. This was the best!!

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Status changed to: Will Not Consider

I will share this feedback with our contacts at Google, but unfortunately this is not a feature that Instructure can implement as the changes would need to be made on the Google app side.