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Hello fellow Canvas users,

I was surprised to find out that students have access to their camera to record a video in the Rich Content Editor but do not have the same ability to take a picture and Embed it directly. As a math teacher to young students, I would like for students to be able to do some of their work, common core modeling on paper and then with One Click of a Button to upload that work for me to review.

It is very useful for any science and math class or for a teacher to see the students work prior to answering the question.  Teachers can use it the open response quizzes and the homework assignments and students will not have a saved picture on their Chromebook or another device. It should be a direct snap a picture in the Rich Content Editor for teacher speed grading and analyzing,

Currently,  students have to take the picture save it either in their Drive or worse, on a different website, and then find it, upload it and on and on. It's too many steps to do while a young mind needs to concentrate on the work not on how to turn it in.


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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Nikolina,

Thank you for taking the time to post in the Feature Idea forums.  I can see where this would be a useful feature to add for the student experience.  Before we advance the idea for vote, could you please specify whether you are requesting this for the mobile apps or for the browser experience?

Thank you.

Community Participant

It's for browser.

Best Regards,

Nikolina Petrova

7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher

Villa Fundamental

Community Participant

Definitely with the Browser experience. Also, if students use this idea during quiz, their picture is only on the file they are using and not saved anywhere else to prevent cheating. 

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

This idea is now open for voting. Smiley Happy

Community Novice

Great request - good luck!

Community Novice

This is an absolute necessity.  The student should be able to take a picture of his/her own work and have it embed automatically within a quiz without having to upload the picture to some other file where it gets saved and thus available for other students to see.

Community Novice

I love this idea.  To have the students do one step vs many would make a huge difference in the process.

Community Explorer

This idea is fabulous and would be so helpful in the elementary setting, allowing students and teachers to use class time more efficiently with fewer steps.  Thank you for suggesting it!

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

I have a few questions about this request.

1) From your perspective, how often would students take pictures from their webcam versus their mobile device (i.e. 50% web / 50% mobile)

2) There are a lot of places where users can upload images in Canvas. Where would the "take-a-picture" functionality be most useful?

     -- Assignment submissions (via Rich Content Editor)

     -- Quiz answers (via Rich Content Editor)

Are there any other workflows where you can see this functionality being super helpful? Tell me more!

Community Team
Community Team