[Gradebook] Allow "Display As" Options for Final Grade and Assignment Groups

We are in need of flexibility in displaying final grades and assignment groups similar to the way that individual assignments have flexibility in the way they display. For example, I would like the option to have a numerical average for total display and/or letter grade as a total display. So, if I have 3 assignments where a student scores a 3 in each assignment, that would be an average of 3. I would like "3" to display in the assignment groups column rather than 75%. Similarly, I would like the option to have a letter grade display, so if a student has 10/10 points in the assignment group, it would display as "A" instead of 100%. See screenshot below.


171612_Assignment Groups in Canvas (1).pngAssignment Groups in Canvas (1).png


The screenshot below is for configuring the display of an individual assignment. I would like to see a similar dropdown exist in the Assignment Groups configuration for a course. This would allow for some needed flexibility with regards to reporting when using non-traditional grading schemes in a course. Canvas is so close to "finishing the job" with allowing for flexible reporting. Please put this feature in, so we can truly use the grading schemes and individual assignment displays to their fullest extent.


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This is a great idea. I use standards based grading and each letter grade has a 20% band (so an A is actually 80-100%) and the percentages often confuse people so getting to show the letter grade would be very helpful!

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We're now six weeks into the school year, and despite my continuous reminders to students and parents NOT to look at the percentages or points but to ONLY look at the letter grade, I'm getting lots of concerned emails and questions every week about students' grades. If we choose "Display as Letter Grade" for an assignment, then there should be NO NUMBERS visible to students for that assignment. And teachers should be able to hide the percentage and only display the student's overall letter grade for the course, especially now that so many teachers are moving away from the traditional 100-point grading scale.

Teachers, if you agree, forward this post to your colleagues and ask them to give it five stars!

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Has this been "open for conversation" since 2016??

Ummmmmm. Seriously, how long does it take to have a conversation? Please do this immediately, this is easier to gain teacher buy-in as a "baby step" towards Standards based grading than using your OutCome method which is not intuitive and very time consuming. It's already been proven good pedagogy, if it's good for students why are we debating? Isn't this quite an easy software fix? This should have been completed years ago. 

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As an IB School using the IB Rubrics with Canvas it would be so beneficial if we could hide the % of a grade! Percentages can scare parents/students; even if the student is doing well. It would be great if the teacher had the ability to hide percentages in the gradebook and only use letter grades.

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Yes, please allow us to remove percentages and display letter grades to support standards based grading!!!

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Agreed. I want the option to NEVER display percentages and to always display ratios, including and especially in assignment groups that might be weighted (i.e. show, say, 60/110 but never show that as a percentage). 

To go along with this, I would like the ability to assign more points than a max in a given assignment group, without having to fool around with "extra credit" (i.e. total assignment values = 105, but "max" possible in the assignment group is 100.) This would allow for some wiggle-room without having to make an assignment that was worth specifically 5 points. 

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This idea seems to have been floated a long time ago, but it remains important.

We need the flexibility to have the Assignment Group summation columns display as POINTS or Point Totals as well as averages.  Numerous of my faculty have contacted me to demand (word used intentionally) that I change those columns from average to point totals as the averages are not how they grade and confuse the students.  They turn off the totals view for students, but that causes issues with the final Total for students.

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LOVE this! 

Our school is also trying to implement best grading practices, and this would be a very easy win for Canvas to implement that would really support education's move to what is best for students.

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Yes, I agree as well.  I would like Canvas to consider some flexibility in how the summation column appears for our users (teachers - parents - students).  We are moving away from a percentage based system as we continue toward mastery or competency based assessment practices.  Having percentages may just be easy - but it isn't in line with best practice. 

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