[Gradebook] Hotkey options for gradebook (late, missing, excused)

There are some assignments that I manually enter grades for if it is submitted on paper in class. It would be nice to have a hot key option when entering grades for late, missing and excused work. Currently, I have to stop entering scores, click to get the box open, click on the option, and click on the next box to move on. It would save time and make it more seamless to be able to type an "l" for late, "m" for missing and "e" for exempt.

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Me again - Please Please add Hotkeys to Canvas Gradebook! Some suggested Hotkeys are as follows: 

C - Complete
I - Incomplete (This would be very useful even if the assignment is not set to only be graded using the "complete/incomplete" system!)
L - Late
M - Missing
EX - Excused (Yes this one does already work but I wanted to add it for completion's sake) 
R - Redo

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This absolutely needs to be implemented.   While the current system is not that difficult, it does become time consuming and frustrating when you misclick. 

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not all of your assignments are auto graded in Canvas and you need to manually change grades to missing.  This is even true of Edpuzzle videos.  Right now you can't just type "m" or "mi" for missing or "l" for late.  You CAN type "ex" for excused, which means Canvas is capable of fixing this.

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UPVOTE! AGREE! Also include complete/incomplete for that type of assignment intstead of points.

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This is a basic capability that all grading programs need -

Shortcut for missing/late assignments, automatically remove the missing tag when an assignment is scored (regardless of whether it is through speedgrader or any other external source).

The time that it takes to click each student and open the tray to mark missing/late is not user friendly at all. 


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I want to quit teaching over having to use this gradebook and this is one of the main reason. These are just basic features all gradebooks come with and not having them makes grading take 3 times as long. 

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It would be really helpful to have a shortcut key to grade something as "Missing".  For excused we can type EX and it is marked as Excused.  I can't find any analogous way to mark things as missing.  This would be a huge time saver.


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I agree...a grade of M for missing that equals zero points but makes it obvious that the zero is BECAUSE the assignment is missing...would be a great addition.

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