[Gradebook] Hotkey options for gradebook (late, missing, excused)

There are some assignments that I manually enter grades for if it is submitted on paper in class. It would be nice to have a hot key option when entering grades for late, missing and excused work. Currently, I have to stop entering scores, click to get the box open, click on the option, and click on the next box to move on. It would save time and make it more seamless to be able to type an "l" for late, "m" for missing and "e" for exempt.

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This would be very helpful.

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Other platforms offer similar functionality, and it is a nice touch when lots of grades are being updated.

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This seems like such a simple fix and would save a TON of time. That extra step of having to open the side menu really adds up when you are grading assignments for 160+ students.

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Being able to enter just an M for an external tool would definitely be a time saver.  

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The External Tool feature was my exclusive assignment option until I found out that I had to manually enter missing/late/etc...This is a great feature and would be exponentially better if it was able to automatically mark missing work as such!

-Andy Jordan
Sycamore High School (IL)

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Couldn't agree more with having the hotkey for missing, late, exempt, and incomplete.

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Yes, this would be helpful.

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This would be super helpful!

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This would be so helpful!

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This would be a HUGE time saver, and I would love if this was an option for us!