[Gradebook] Manually hiding select gradebook columns from student view

Problem statement:

The issue I have is the inability to manually select which columns in the gradebook show to students in their view, and which do not. While the system does allow for ungraded items created in Canvas not to show, this does not always work if items are added in by LTI tools. For instance, we utilize the Mobius LTI, and instructors often link to ungraded lessons within Mobius; these are intended to be ungraded learning resources with no score attached, however, when creating the LTI links, it is not possible to specify the item as ungraded and be able to select the Mobius external tool to link to. So, what ends up happening is a new column in the gradebook is created for a non-graded lesson with no score attached, adding clutter and confusion to the gradebook. It would be great if there was a way to manually hide columns from student view in Canvas so they don't have a bunch of ungraded lessons cluttering up their grades view.

Proposed solution:

The solution to this issue would be to provide a way to manually hide select gradebook columns from student view. Having this option would allow course designers and instructors to hide any unnecessary gradebook columns from student view, providing more clarity and conciseness.

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