[Gradebook] Remove ungraded/ formative assignments and quizzes from grade book and student grades page

There should be an option to remove assignments that won't count toward a student's grade from the gradebook and the student's grade page.

My gradebook is cluttered by formative assignments that won't count toward students' grades. This makes it difficult to recognize missing assignments from graded work. I work around this by creating a category called "ungraded work" and filtering it out, but that prevents me from viewing all of the other categories (tests, quizzes, hw, etc) in the gradebook at once.

More importantly, it is difficult for students to identify which assignments are missing as their "grades" page is cluttered by ungraded assignments. 

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Problem statement:

All created assignments appear in the gradebook if external tools are connected

Proposed solution:

Wish instructors had the ability to select whether assignments appeared in the gradebook. Some assignments are created so that students can submit content but it is not graded. If content could be submitted but not appear in the gradebook, it would be helpful for students and teachers.

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