[Gradebook Settings] "Grade Release Date" Option in Assignment Settings

Since the changes to the gradebook last year, it would be really beneficial to have an additional option when setting up assignment regarding overriding the grade posting policy. 

Can we please have an additional button in the "Assign" section so that, regardless of whether the anonymous settings are enabled or not, staff can enter the date that grades will be posted. At the moment our lecturers need to set up assignments two different ways (depending on whether assignments are anonymous or not) to stop grades from being released early to students.


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This would be very beneficial to our University and academics.

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It would make it a lot easier for authors, educators and education support. The ability to add a grade release window  based on dates for autograded and graded assessments. It’s also is very common that courses and degrees in the UK have these types of requirements as early as when they are written. Which would support the academic integrity of the programmes and the quality of the course. 

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I like this idea. We have an asynchronous model and it would be helpful. 

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This would be another lifesaver for our tutors.  Part of our policy means grades need to remain hidden for a specified amount of time so staff can't just release them when they have finished marking them.  Please do implement this!

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Great idea.

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This would be really useful!

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This would be really beneficial. Please get to voting stage. 

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This would be useful 👍

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One of our deans considers this feature supportive of student's wellbeing.

Instructors may be grading ;ate at night or on weekends. A student finding out on a Saturday night that they did not receive a satisfactory grade on a high stakes exam can be upsetting. Having the ability to set the specific date/time when grades are released would avoid students receiving grades at inopportune times, and would alleviate the need for instructors to remember to log in to Canvas and manually post grades at a set date/time.