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We have more schools using the admin- and course-level groups feature to communicate with staff in the building and differentiate by type of staff, grade level teams, departments and others.  It would be extremely beneficial if the group function allowed them to set a custom homepage.  If you go to the pages it does allow you to set a homepage but then the group home only shows the recent activity stream.

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I hope it can be considered.  This is causing issues with group discussions in some of our courses.

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Oh, please don't let this go.  We encourage collaboration, and landing on a blank page is unwelcoming and discouraging for students.

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Not to mention confusing.

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I'm voting for this enhancement.  We have several courses using groups and this feature is often requested by faculty.   Plus, it's confusing that you can set a page as the Front page in groups, but it doesn't have any value in the list pages. 

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I have a course to promote competitive fellowships on campus, and am using groups to organize application processes/provide resources for individual fellowships. The students are SO confused about where to find resources within group spaces; a homepage for each group space would be amazing!

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I am rather new in this forum and don't know if this has already been mentioned, but there is a workaround which gives you that functionality already.

In Canvas most internal adresseing is done with wiki-pages.
One such is defined to be the grouphompage. I can't find any means to arbitralily choose this.
What you can is however to open the Page you want the group to open in and copy its adress.

You then create a direct link to the group in which you embed that adress.

This will result in you picking a de facto homepage for the group.

(The original homepage is still available from Home in the group).

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Being able to set a group homepage for an online grad program we offer would be extremely beneficial. #HigherEdToo 

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We have several teachers and Canvas champions at our university calling for this functionality. As an educational developer I think this feature would support students' abilities to take control of their own online space, which is of importance when studying at university level.

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It is now May 2018, and I would really love to see some traction on this idea. Given the need for increased networking skills among students, having a Group Area that can be customized and managed  more effectively would be a huge value. We have a large number of groups being used for various reasons, but the limitations of the current Canvas group funcitonality pushes us to use full courses when groups would be much more appropriate.  Is there any chance that Groups will move back up the priority ladder for Canvas?